15 Best Gifts for Swimmers

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We all have that one friend who loves swimming and often times we don’t know what to gift them.

It’s okay. That is absolutely normal.

Giving gifts is one way of spreading happiness and saying in-directly how much you mean to them. And most of us like to present gifts related to what that person loves doing.

So, now we will see the best gifts for swimmers. There are basically 2 types of swimmers, one who swims for joy, mostly amateurs, or people starting to learn and the other type is competitive and professional swimmers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking gifts for a competitive swimmer or an amateur, this guide will help you in finding the perfect one.

7 Best Gifts for Swimmers (Amateurs and Beginners)

1. Microfiber Towels

This is one of the best gifts for any swimmer because every swimmer needs a towel. But more than ordinary towels are needed for swimmers, mainly for swimmers who like to swim multiple times a day. 

These microfiber towels are super absorbent. They can also be dried quickly as compared to normal towels.

2. Swimmer’s Soap

These are special soaps for swimmers. Their main work is to wash away the chlorine present in the swimmer’s body. So, it is an essential item for every swimmer. It reduces the itching caused by chlorine and reduces the chemical odor.

3. Headphones / Music player (waterproof)

This gift is suitable for both amateurs and professionals because everyone likes to listen to music. This is exactly a gift for someone who likes to cool off in the pool, because what’s more relaxing than enjoying your favorite song while floating in the pool?

4. Photos

Photos are a common gift given by people all around the world. Mostly because it is suitable for all occasions. So, you can give swimming-themed photos to the swimmers. These are some of the best gifts for swimmers, both amateurs and professionals.

5. Gloves

These are special gloves used by swimmers for training. These gloves help in toning and strengthening muscles. These aquatic gloves are just like normal gloves but contain webbings between the fingers. These are made from neoprene, the same material as wetsuits.

6. Swimming-themed Shirts

This is also a good gift for swimmers. The shirt can be customized with motivational wordings, favorite swimmers of the person you are gifting it to, photos related to swimming, etc. 

There are many books related to swimming. There are basic guides, tips, tricks, etc. You can buy and gift them. 2 of the best books are Beanth the Surface by Michael Phelps and The Complete Beginners Guide To Swimming by Mark Young.

8 Best Gifts for Competitive Swimmers

Now we will see the best gifts for competitive swimmers. These are more professional swimmers so more useful and productive gifts can be given. Most of the gifts mentioned above for amateurs can also be given to competitive swimmers.

1. Professional Swimming Bag

Every professional swimmer needs a good swimming kit bag to hold all the essential accessories needed by the swimmers. These bags are waterproof to protect the swimmer’s belongings like phones and normal clothes. So it is the best gift for competitive swimmers.

2. Swimming Socks

Yes, swimmers have their own socks. These are used to keep the feet warm and dry. These are made of the same material as wetsuits. Nowadays these socks also have anti-slip proof to prevent people from slipping in wet areas.

3. Goggles

Goggles are an important part of any swimmer’s kit. So it is necessary for a swimmer to have good goggles. There are many types and qualities of goggles, the main consideration while buying them is comfort and quality. The goggles must prevent any water leak as well as be comfortable to wear.

4. Professional and Quality Swimming Costume

The costume is referred to as swim suit or wet suit. This is one of the best gifts for competitive swimmers. The suit must be highly comfortable and durable. There are separate costumes for both professional and amateur swimmers.

5. Temperature Gauge

This is the best gift for cold water swimmers. Cold water swimming is highly stressful and very difficult. So they need a temperature gauge to monitor the temperature of the water.

6. Ear Dryer

A portable and effective ear dryer is necessary for any swimmer. The ears need to be kept dry to prevent bacteria and fungi growth in the ear. So it is necessary equipment for a  swimmer.

7. Swimmers Shampoo

These are a special type of shampoo for swimmers. It is just like the swimmer’s soap. Professional swimmers spend a lot of time in the pool and it may affect their hair as the pool contains chemicals like chlorine. So this shampoo removes all the chlorine, salt, and other unwanted chemicals stuck in the hair.

8. Smart Fitness Trackers

These are used by both professional and amateur swimmers to keep track of their health and fitness. Some of the basic functions of this tracker are the amount of calories burnt, time taken for laps, heart rate, etc.

Final Words

The above-mentioned list of gifts is some of the best gifts for swimmers according to me. But you can try whatever you like. This is only based on your imagination and creativity. Some of the above-mentioned gifts like waterproof headphones, head caps, goggles, and some other items can be gifted to all, regardless of the age group or the experience.

There are endless best gift ideas for swimmers, with thousands of products and gadgets spread across the internet.

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