10 Best Gifts for Teachers Day

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Looking for the best gifts for teachers day?

Keep going. They need to be appreciated.

Teachers work hard to make a difference in the lives of their students and are often under-appreciated. 

Teachers Day is celebrated on September 5 in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, but it is also celebrated by teachers around the world on other days. It’s a day when we can say thank you to our favourite teachers for everything they do! 

Here are some great ideas for gifts that will make your favourite teacher smile.

1. Blooming plants

If you’re looking for a gift that won’t end up in the recycling bin, consider giving your teacher a plant. 

Plants make great gifts for any occasion and teachers are no exception! Teachers can be busy people, so buying a plant that requires little effort to care for is ideal.

Flowers are also a great choice because they can last longer than other types of plants and stay fresh from day to day! 

2. Gift cards or cash

While it’s not the most thoughtful gift, cash or gift cards are easy to buy, and you can give them in person if you want to make a more personal connection.

You might be thinking that this is such an obvious choice that it’s not even worth mentioning—but I’m here to tell you: yes, even teachers like getting free stuff! 

And hey, if your teacher has a Pinterest board full of crafty projects she wants to do with her kids later this year? Well then maybe she’ll appreciate some crafting supplies as well.

3. Books

A book is an excellent gift idea because it can be used right away and doesn’t require maintenance or specific storage conditions. 

You can give a book that you have read, or one that you have enjoyed. 

If your teacher is in the midst of studying a particular subject matter, consider giving them books related to their field of study—this will help them advance in their career! 

You might also consider giving him/her books related to his/her interests: maybe he likes reading about World War II history or perhaps she loves science fiction stories.

4. Chocolate or candy

Candy and chocolate are classic gifts for teachers, and there’s a reason. Teachers love to eat! Teachers have to eat with the kids all day, so it’s nice to get something for themselves after school.

Teachers can use candy as rewards for students who do well on their tests or in class. Chocolate is also a good way for teachers to share with other staff members at the end of a long day.

5. Cool stationery

Teachers use stationery for a variety of purposes. 

Some teachers will want to write notes to their students, while others might prefer to use it for communicating with parents. 

Your teacher might also find it great for keeping in touch with other teachers or making lesson plans on the fly. The best kind of stationery is the kind that can be used all year long—and won’t run out once school lets out!

6. Coffee mug

Teachers often give up their weekends to prepare for the next school week. They are always on the go, so it’s nice when you can buy a gift that they can use and enjoy while on-the-go. A coffee mug is the perfect choice!

Teachers also like to have things that represent their school or city. With these mugs, they can show off their team spirit while enjoying a cup of joe (or tea).

7. Pencil pot

A pencil pot is a useful gift for teachers and can be used to store pencils, pens and other stationery. You could make one yourself or buy one from a craft shop.

You can personalise your pot with the teacher’s name or school logo. Photos and images are also popular choices for decorating pots; it’s common to see beautiful photos of children on them.

8. Apple-shaped paperweight

This apple-shaped paperweight is a great gift for teachers who want to keep their classroom organized. Teachers can use it as a paperweight, and its round shape also makes it perfect for acting as an adorable decoration.

Teachers will appreciate this gift because it helps them keep their desks clean by keeping stray papers weighted down on their desktops.

9. Calendar or planner

A calendar or planner is a great gift for teachers, but it’s also something they can use personally. 

Teachers need to keep track of their own schedules, let alone the students! It helps them remember important dates and meetings, and they can make notes in the margins that help them keep track of upcoming projects or assignments. Some teachers may even find it useful to take notes during meetings so they don’t forget what was said.

10. Foot massager, backrest or neck pillow

Teachers spend long hours on their feet, and it’s important for them to have a comfortable place to sit. 

A foot massager, backrest or neck pillow can help teachers relax after a long day of teaching. Whether they’re working in the classroom or at home grading papers, having the right tools for relaxation can help prevent health problems and make life easier for teachers.

Whether you’re a student searching for the perfect gift, or you’re simply looking for a unique item to give your favorite teacher, we hope that this list has been helpful in your search. 

We’ve covered a wide range of items that you can use to let your teacher know how much you appreciate all of their hard work throughout the year. 

Teachers are not just teachers, they are parents, friends, coaches and mentors too – so why not treat them like an extended part of your family?

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