17+ Crochet Gifts for Mom

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Mother’s day is coming up and you still haven’t got a crochet gift for mom? Or it’s your mom’s birthday next month and you want to start early on the best crochet gift for mom for the occasion? Well whatever the event it may be, from birthday to mother’s day to just a love-you present, something handmade does sounds like a good idea.

Since the time your mother framed your first handmade card to her until today, she has always appreciated a handmade gift. What sounds better than a crochet present for her then?

Crochet gifts are a good idea not only because they are handmade with love and care but because the choices are so many. Different items with different patterns in different colours! 

So here we have carefully put together a list of all the best crochet gift ideas for mothers.

You can categorise all these crochet presents into two divisions. These are mainly practical crochet gifts and accessory ones. Let’s dive right into the brainstorming of ideas.

Accessory Crochet Gifts for Moms

Why accessory gifts are a good choice for you, you ask? Well, these gifts are feel-good gifts. They can be anything, from a recollection of a pretty memory to a decorative artefact. These gifts are cherished no matter what.

Accessory crochet gifts for your mother can be:

1) Crochet Flower

“A flower that doesn’t wilt”; that sounds good doesn’t it? Well, give your mama-bear a token of your undying love in the form of a crochet flower. From rose to a daisy, make her feel loved and valued with an ever existing flower.

2) Crochet Bouquet

One is good but many are a party. You can experiment with crochet flowers and make your mom a whole bouquet of them. Sunflower and carnations and daffodils and corona, the choices are almost endless but beautiful and thoughtful altogether.

3) Crochet Wall Decorations

If your mom is into homemaking and decorations, then crochet wall decorations are another splendid gift idea for her. These decorations can include crochet tapestries and wall hangings.

4) Crochet Rugs and Carpets

Though a little too huge-scale, crochet carpets and rugs is another great idea for homemaking mothers. Cosy up her space with your love! 

5) Christmas Tree Decorations

A little too specific, these gifts are perfect for the festive season. No matter where you are, be a part of your family’s Christmas with this gift. These presents can be the perfect crochet Christmas gifts for moms.

6) Crochet Plushies

Another fabulous present idea for your best friend is a crochet plushie. Give her another friend, just like you, who can love her the same way you do. 

7) Crochet Keychain

Crochet keychains are also a cherished and appreciated gift idea. Your mom can carry your love with her wherever she goes with your gifted keychain.

Practical Crochet Gifts for Your Mom

After all the accessory gifts, practical gifts are also splendid present ideas. You can present your mother dearest with thoughtful and handy gifts like some household necessities or crochet wear. The choices being endless, let us look into them!

1) Crochet Winter Shawl

Protect her from the cold winters with your warmth and love. Crochet shawls are easy to make and a great way to express your love to your mothers.

2) Crochet Pot Hangers

If your mama is a plant lover and loves to decorate her home with potted plants then pot hangers are the perfect present for her.

3) Crochet Berets

Well, here is another idea for bringing that smile on your mother’s face. Upgrade her wardrobe with a handmade designer beret and remind her of her beauty.

4) Crochet Socks

Another one of the warm gifts for mama-bear is a pair of self-made socks. With many patterns available, the choices are numerous. Crochet her some socks in her favourite colours and make her winters ever more special. These are another one of the good choices for the crochet Christmas gifts for mom.

5) Mufflers

Warmth and love come together. Keep her warm and gift your mom with a muffler you crocheted yourself.

6) Cardigans and Jackets

Talking about warm gifts, cardigans and jackets are other items which have made the list. Easy to crochet, these are another perfect gift for your moms.

7) Luxe Spa Headband

Make your mother feel cherished by gifting her with a spa headband.

8) Crochet Pouch

A crochet pouch is another simple yet fabulous gift idea. Tell her to store her essentials in there along with your love and care.

9) Crochet Tote Bag

Cannot be with her on all her shopping sprees anymore? Well, gift her with a self-crocheted tote bag and change that! This is another good gift for mothers.

10) Crochet Mug Rugs

Crochet mug rugs are easy to make and useful. Available in numerous colours and even more patterns They make a fabulous gift. 

11) Crochet Slippers

Adding one more to the list of good gifts for the moms are crochet slippers. They are not only handy and useful but also cosy and warm and therefore make a great present idea.

12) Crochet Earrings

Go trendy with your gifts and make your mom crochet earrings. This is not only a marvellous gift idea but also easy to make and comes in lots of varieties.

13) Crochet Bookmarks

Is your mother a book worm and loves reading? Then there can be nothing better than a crochet bookmark to give her. With various patterns and colours, make her next reading session more enjoyable and fantastic.

Things to Remember Before Selecting a Crochet Gift for Your Mom 

Here is a list of all the key pointers you should keep in mind before starting with the crochet gift for your mama.

1) Your Mother’s Preferences

Before starting on your project, the first and foremost thing you should be aware of is your mother’s choices. Ask her about her favourite colours and her preferred patterns. You should know what she likes and loves and start with that. This will surely make your gift more enjoyable.

2) The time you have

Another important factor to consider is how much time you have for the preparation of the present. After all the time and energy you have put into the present, you don’t want to be the late gift of the party, do you?

3) Skill level

To make her gift the perfect one, we advise you to start a project which lies under your skill level. Crochet her something you have already tried and made.

Or considering the time frame, you can take the risk and start with something new. However the time factor must be considered while making this decision.

4) Allergies

This is a very important factor to keep in mind. You should be aware whether your mother is allergic to any of a particular yarn and make sure to not use that material for her gift.

5) Quality of the Product

You should always make sure to use good quality yarn for the gift. After the best person in your life deserves the best!

6) Personalization

To convert the gift into something more personal and heartfelt, there is nothing better than to add personalization on it. These can be anything from her favourite charm to her initials.

7) Gift Presentation

Lastly, strike the last pin with the most beautiful and fabulous presentation. Wrap the gift with the perfect aesthetics and a letter or a heartfelt message for your mother and make her day special. 

Wrapping Up!

These are some of the best crochet gifts you can give your mother in the upcoming occasions. Remind her of your love for her and how much you value her presence in your life. Gift her something beautiful and make her smile by choosing the best crochet gift for mom!

Happy gifting!

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