18+ Gifts for Kayakers (Unique & Best Ones)

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Kayaking is an interesting and thrilling outdoors water sport. It is a great hobby and a nice way to relax in this busy world. Now if you want to know about gifts for kayakers friends, then we are here to help you out!

Today will be all about kayaking and the numerous gift ideas for kayakers. So let’s jump right into it!

Know this about Kayaking – It’ll Help

As mentioned before, kayaking is an outdoor water sport which involves a narrow boat called kayak. Kayaking is done for many purposes. It can be done for pleasure, as a hobby or even professionally. It is a great sport and an even greater way to connect with nature. 

Now to learn about all the gift ideas for kayak enthusiasts, you should know a few more things about this wonderful sport. 

Just as kayaking is done for many purposes, there are many different types of kayaking as well. If you want to buy a gift for kayaker, you should know about what type of kayaking they are into and what they like.

Don’t worry though, because we have talked about all the types of kayaking you know need to know as well!

  1. Surf Kayaking

Surf kayaking is kayaking on the ocean waves. It is a highly skilled sport and is often done in coastal areas.

  1. Kayak Fishing

Kayaking and fishing combined is called kayak fishing. It is a hobby sport and is often done for relaxation. 

  1. Freestyle Kayaking

Also known as playboating, freestyle kayaking involves stunts and tricks in water bodies. It is a competitive and visually impressive form of kayaking.

  1. Slalom Kayaking

This is also a competitive form of kayaking which is a sort of race in kayaks on water bodies. It is a thrilling and exciting type of kayaking.

  1. Creek boating

Creek boating focuses on navigating steep and challenging creeks and rivers. It is a specialised form of kayaking.

  1. Extreme Kayaking

Another one of specialised kayaking forms, extreme kayaking is often described as the most challenging form of kayaking. It involves paddling in extremely dangerous conditions.

  1. Recreational Kayaking

The most common and used form of kayaking is recreational kayaking. It involves kayaking on calm waters. It is a leisure and hobby sport often done for relaxation.

Unique Gifts for Kayakers

Now that we know about all the mostly used forms of kayaking, we can finally get to the gifts for kayakers. There can be many categories for all the gift ideas for kayak lovers, namely unique ideas, Christmas ideas or even some common gifts for kayakers. 

Here is the list of all the unique gifts for kayakers.

1. Underwater Drone

This is a very useful and unique gift idea for kayakers. It can enhance the kayaking experience to a great deal and will help your kayaker friends to enjoy their paddling more.

2. Customised Nautical Chart Art

You can consider creating a custom nautical chart with their favourite kayaking location. You can make this into a card or even a wall decoration. Help them showcase their favourite or most anticipated kayaking location!

3. Kayaking Tours

A pretty unusual gift idea, kayaking tours are great gifts. You can consider giving your paddler friends a combined tour with their other hobbies and interests. From wine-tasting-kayaking tours to marine-wildlife-kayaking tours, there are many options to choose from and all of them are fantastic.

4. Kayak Experience Book

Or an experience book for your kayaker friends is also an awesome gift idea. You can give them a book or journal where they can record all their paddle trips. Pretty great and unique gift idea, right?

5. Paddle Carving Workshop

If your kayaker friends are particular about their kayaks and gears, then get them enrolled into a carving workshop. Give them an opportunity to learn carving their kayaks so they can customise their own boats and canoes and kayaks.

Best Gifts for Kayakers

We saw some unique gift ideas for kayakers, now is the time for some common but still the best gifts for kayakers. Here is the list of all the best gift ideas for your fellow kayakers.

1. Tech Gadgets

To make their paddle trips more convenient and enjoyable, you should consider giving your friends some technology devices for kayaking. There are various choices such as a waterproof camera or a gps device and many more.

2. Camping Gear

Another one of the gift ideas for kayakers is camping gear.  You can give your kayaker friends some new camping gears to make their paddle trips more comfortable.

3. Books and Guides 

Now it can also be that your friends are into kayaking but have not started with it properly. In that case you can give your friends books and guides to kayaking. Help them take that first step towards their passion!

4. Apparel

To get your friends started or to make their trips on water better you can buy a set of apparel for them. Waterproof socks or gloves or dry tops and rash guards, there are many handy choices that you will find in any sports shop.

5. Kayak Fishing Tools

For those who enjoy fishing along with kayaking, you can buy fishing equipment and tools. Some fishing hooks and rods and buckets or fish finders are great gifts for kayakers.

6. Coolers

For keeping their drinks, beverages and food in it or for keeping their fishing stacks, coolers are one more fantastic gift idea for kayakers. This gift again is for making their boat trips more convenient and comfortable.

7. Safety Gear

Ensure your friend kayakers’ well-being by giving them safety gear as their gifts. Safety gear is necessary and essential for kayaking and therefore an excellent gift for your friends.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kayakers

If you want to get your kayaker friends some Christmas gifts that encourage their hobby and passion, then here is a list of all the best gifts for kayakers for Christmas. 

1. Home Decor 

A kayak themed wall decoration or some pottery that reminds them of their passion everyday is one of the great Christmas gift ideas for kayakers. You can either make these gifts on your own or you can consider getting them made.

2. Customised Mugs 

If the above options are not to your taste then we have more. Customised mugs are also a great way to add your kayaker pals’ hobby and passion in their daily lives. Get them a  mug with a kayak theme and make their Christmas better!

3. Hot Beverage Thermos

Perfect for the occasion as well as the passion, your hot beverage thermos gift can accompany your friends on all their paddle trips and keep them warm and comfortable. 

4. Custom Paddle Gifts

Custom gifts are a fabulous idea for Christmas. Gift your friends some custom paddle gifts this christmas and make their next paddle trips more personal and better.

5. Customised Gears

Just like custom paddle gifts, you can gift your kayaker friends customised gear. A life vest with their names embroidered on them or a pair of polarised sunglasses with their initials on them. There are numerous options and all of them are fantastic!

6. Christmas Tree Decorations

Or you can get your kayaker friends some kayak themed christmas tree ornaments. Make their Christmas more special and personalised with these gifts!

Things to keep in Mind Before Buying Gifts for Kayakers

After reading all the gifts and interests of kayaking, you might still want to know more about gifts for kayakers. Don’t worry because we got you! 

Below is every last thing you must keep in mind before buying gifts for kayak enthusiasts.

  1. Personal Interests

You should always remember about knowing your friends’ personal preferences and interests. Whether they will like something practical or something more sentimental, be mindful of it and watch as your thoughts alone bring that smile on their faces!

  1. Type of Kayaking They Do

Another important factor to keep in mind is what kind of kayaking they do. If their kayaking is more of a competitive form then there can be nothing better than safety gears, whereas if they do recreational or fishing kayaking, then you can consider gifting them coolers or fishing equipment. 

  1. Environmental Consideration

If your friends love kayaking, then there is a big possibility that they are nature lovers and admirers. In that case, you should definitely remember to buy them something eco friendly. They will appreciate your thoughts and considerations which will only make the gift more special.

  1. Local Regulations

Before buying the perfect gift for kayakers, you should also be aware of all local regulations. Especially when giving them fishing equipment and related stuff. 

  1. Quality and Durability

Kayaking can be a dangerous sport and for that reason, any apparel or equipment or tool the kayakers use must be of the best quality. Be mindful of this point. Avoid compromise on the quality and durability of your gift for kayakers.

  1. Safety 

And the last factor that should influence your choice for the gift is safety. You should buy them something which does not affect their safety on their trips. Always remember to get your friends a gift that ensures their well-being.

Wrapping up!

Well, hopefully our article and lists have helped you through the brainstorming for gift ideas for kayakers. These were all the best gifts you could get your paddler friends on the upcoming special occasion. Go choose the gift, buy it and make your friends’ next trips more special!

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