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Do you have a family relative who is a plumber, or a friend who is in this line of work and you want to get them a gift for plumbers for the next special occasion? Or it can be that you want to get your regular plumber guy the perfect thank you present. Well, whatever the reason is, if you are looking for gifts for plumbers, then we are ‘The Choice’ for you. 

We have carefully assembled lists of all kinds of gifts for plumbers for all kinds of occasions and settings. So without any further adieu, let’s dive into it!

Best Gifts for Plumbers

Starting off with the best, we have brought you the list of all the best gifts for plumbers. In here you will find all the fantastic gift ideas that you can get for your plumber friends.

Let’s start!

1. Tool Set or Accessories

Plumbers always appreciate high-quality tools or accessories that can make their work easier. You can consider gifting a specialised plumbing tool, a toolset, or accessories like a sturdy tool bag, work gloves, or a tool belt as gifts for plumbers.

2. Desk Decor

Another great gift idea for plumbers is desk decor. Plumber-themed desk decor, such as a miniature plumbing pipe pen holder or a desk plaque, can add some personality to their workspace.

3. Worksite Comfort

Items like a comfortable work shirt, cooling towels, or even a portable chair are also some fabulous gift ideas for plumbers. They can provide great comfort during long plumbing jobs.

4. Books

Books are a man’s best friend. So give your friend a friend. A book on plumbing techniques, home improvement, or even a coffee table book featuring interesting plumbing installations around the world could be an intriguing gift idea.

5.Pipe Threader

If your plumber friends do a lot of pipe work, a pipe threading kit can be a valuable tool for creating threaded connections for them. Give them a good quality pipe threader and make their lives easier. 

6. Multimeter

Another one of the handy gifts for plumbers is a multimeter. A digital multimeter can be a valuable addition to their toolkit, allowing them to measure voltage, current, and resistance accurately.

7. Safety Gear Set

Or you can consider a set of high-quality safety gear, including safety glasses, ear protection, and knee pads, to help protect them while working. Help take care of your friends with the best quality safety gears.

8. Coffee Maker

Or a little different from the rest, but useful all the same, a high-quality coffee maker can help your plumber friends start their workday with a fresh cup of coffee. 

9. Tool Maintenance Kit

Or if not the above options, you can get your plumber friends a tool maintenance kit. Help them keep their tools in good condition with a tool maintenance kit, including cleaning supplies and lubricants.

Funny Gifts for Plumbers

If you intend to share a good laugh with your friends, then the following list is the best choice. Down below is the list of all the funny gift ideas for plumber friends. 

Let’s dive into it then, shall we.

1. Customised T-shirt

You can look for a humorous t-shirt or hoodie with plumbing-related jokes or puns. It’s a lighthearted way to celebrate their profession and a great gift idea for plumbers.

2. Plumbing Puns Calendar

A calendar featuring plumbing-related puns and jokes for each day sounds like a pretty good gift idea for plumbers. This gift can keep them entertained throughout the year.

3. Plumbing Cartoon Art

Or you can find or commission a cartoon-style artwork that humorously depicts a plumber on the job. This will definitely bring that smile to their faces.

4. Funny Plumbing Tools

One more fantastic gift idea for plumber friends is tools, but make it funny! From a toilet plunger shaped screwdriver to a hilarious looking pipe wrench bottle opener, this present idea is a perfect one for fun.

5. Toolbox Lunchbox

A lunchbox designed to look like a toolbox, complete with humorous labels for “tools” like sandwiches and snacks. Now that sounds like a perfect funny gift idea for plumbers.

Christmas Gifts for Plumbers

Is it the festive season yet? Well, it doesn’t really matter because buying gifts for the Christmas season can start as early as possible. If you are looking for the best Christmas gifts for plumbers, then the list below will surely help you.

1. Themed Home Decor

Home decor is a great Christmas gift. You can get some plumbing joke posters or a themed wall decoration for your plumber friends. They will cherish this gift.

2. Engraved Tools

You can also personalise their tools with their name or a special message using engraving services. Make their tools more personalised and special with this gift.

3. Plumbing Themed Sweater

Another classic Christmas gift is sweaters. Get your plumber friends into the holiday spirit with a sweater featuring plumbing-themed designs and patterns.

4. Themed Ornaments

You can also consider getting your plumber friends some Christmas tree ornaments that are themed to their profession. This will make a great Christmas gift for plumbers.

5. Worksite Thermos

A durable thermos to keep their hot drinks warm during their plumbing tasks. That sure sounds like the perfect Christmas gift for plumbers.

6. Worksite Beanie

And another Christmas gift idea for plumbers is a cosy beanie or winter hat. This gift is thoughtful and can be used to keep them warm while working in chilly conditions.

Retirement Gifts for Plumbers

Apart from Christmas and thank you gifts, if you are looking for retirement gifts for plumbers, then the following list will guide you to the right ideas. Let’s look then!

1. Engraved Plaque or Trophy

You can present your plumber friends with an engraved plaque or trophy that acknowledges their contributions to the plumbing profession. Give them an appreciation gift acknowledging all their hard work.

2. Hobbies Gift

You can also give them gifts that encourage their hobbies other than plumbing. If they enjoy gardening, then get them gardening tools, or if they are bookworms, then give them a book bouquet and make their retirement days more fun and relaxing.

3. Yoga or Fitness Classes Subscription

If we are talking about retirement gifts for plumbers, then this one has to be one of the best. Yoga or fitness classes are a great way to make sure of your friends’ well-being. 

4. Plumbing Themed Retirement Party

If your friend would like it, you can also organise a retirement party with plumbing-themed decorations, a cake with a plumbing design, and a toast to their achievements. 

5. Subscription Services

And for their leisure and relaxation time, you can give them a subscription to a service that aligns with their interests, whether it’s a wine club, book club, or streaming service. This will be another one of the best retirement gift ideas for plumbers.

Things to Remember Before Buying Gifts for Plumbers

After all the tremendous gift ideas and brainstorming, there is just one more task that you need to do to get the perfect gift for plumber friends. Down below are the key points that you need to remember before buying gifts for plumbers.

  1. Personal Interests

Take into account the recipient’s interests and preferences. Do they have a favourite type of plumbing work, tools, or hobbies related to their profession? This can make your gift ten times better.

  1. Quality

If you’re giving tools or equipment, prioritise quality over quantity. Plumbers rely on their tools for their work, so investing in durable and reliable tools is essential.

  1. Relevance

Remember to choose a gift that is relevant to their profession. Look for items that are plumbing-themed, related to tools, or that can make their work easier.

  1. Current Tools and Equipment

Don’t forget to check if the recipient already has the tools or equipment you’re considering to avoid duplication. You should get gifts that are compatible with their tools and equipment.

  1. Safety 

And lastly, if you’re gifting tools or equipment, prioritise safety. Choose tools with proper safety features and consider any safety gear they might need. Take care of your friends like they take care of you.

Wrapping Up!

So, these were all the key points and gift ideas for plumbers. You can go through the lists again and pick the most suitable gift for your plumber friends. Give them these fun and practical and exciting gifts and make them happy and merry.

Happy Gifting!

Team BGD
Team BGD

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