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Do you have friends who are fond of singing? Do you want to make the next occasion even more special with some awesome and mind blowing gifts for singers? Are you stuck with finding the perfect gift for singer pals? Well, no worries because we are here to take the fall for you. 

We have done thorough research for all the great gift ideas for singers. All you need to do is go through these lists and pick the right gift for your buddies.

Let us go and dive right into it then!

Personalised Gifts for Singers

Another one of the best gift ideas for those who love singing is personalised and customised gifts. Personalised gifts add a special touch to the gifts and show the thoughts you put behind the present.

Down below are all the personalised gift items we have put together for you. Let’s take a look at it.

1. Personalised Microphone

A microphone to a singer is like peanut butter to jelly. Give your singer buddies a special microphone made just for them and make them happy and merry!

2. Customised T-shirts

You can also design a performance shirt or hoodie with their name, a cool music-related design, or even a phrase that motivates them. This will surely make a fantastic gift for singers!

3. Engraved Musical Box

Get your singer friends a musical box with the most melodious tune. On top of that, get the box engraved with your friends’ initials or their favourite quotes and make the gift more fabulous!

4. Engraved Guitar Pick

Or if your friends play an instrument, give them an engraved guitar pick with their name, a message, or a significant date. Instrumentalists will absolutely love this gift.

5. Song Dedication Video

For a more emotional gift, you can also create a heartfelt video where you talk about your friends’ talent, dedication, and love for music, and then dedicate a song to them. These thoughtful gifts for singers are one of the best choices among many.

6. Songwriter’s Journal with Name

Or a journal with the receivers’ name on it is another one of the awesome gifts for singers. You can give them a leather-bound journal for songwriting, engraved with their name or a meaningful message.

7. Customised Song Lyrics Print

Or for a more different approach, you can create a print featuring the lyrics of their favourite song with a design that matches their style. You could include their name, date, or other meaningful details.

Practical Gifts for Singers

One more category of great gift ideas for singers are practical gifts. Help to enhance your friends’ singing and musical abilities with the practical gifts we listed below.

1. Herbal Teas

Take care of your pals’ throats’ health and vocal chords with herbal teas. Give them such natural remedies and express your love and care for them!

2. In Ear Monitors

Why are in-ear monitors a good idea, you ask? Well, if your friends perform on stage, a set of in-ear monitors can help them hear their vocals and the music clearly, reducing strain on their voice. These will be useful and will be cherished properly.

3. Bluetooth Speaker

A portable Bluetooth speaker can be handy for practising and rehearsing, as well as for playing music during gatherings. That is the reason why these make such fabulous gifts for singers.

Books are the best and most useful gifts for anyone. You can look for books that provide insights into the music industry, biographies of famous singers, or tips on vocal techniques. These books will absolutely help in enhancing your friends’ skills.

5. Instrumental Accessory

And if your pals play any instruments you can also consider getting them some accessories for their instruments. Instrumentalists will be over the moon if you consider their instruments for gifts.

6. Vocal Health Kit

For another one the best practical gifts for singers, you can put together a kit with items like herbal teas, honey, throat lozenges, and a steam inhaler to help them maintain optimal vocal health.

7. Music Stand with Light

A music stand with an attached LED light is also one of the amazing gifts for singers. These can make practising and reading sheet music easier, especially in low-light settings.

8. Breath Control Trainer

Devices designed to help singers improve their breath control and lung capacity can be a valuable tool for practice. These will be much appreciated gifts for singers.

9. Voice Analysis Software

You can also consider giving them software that analyses their vocal performance, providing visual feedback on pitch, tone, and other vocal aspects.

10. Portable PA System

Or if not the above options, a compact PA system will be just the gift for your singer friends. This gift can be useful for practising and small performances, ensuring their vocals are projected clearly.

DIY Gifts for Singers

Can there be any better gift idea than handmade diy gifts for singers? Well there can be but DIY gifts are great ideas. DIY gifts have just the right amount of personal touch to them which makes them so unique and cherishable.

Below is the perfect list of all the DIY gift ideas for singers.

1. Lyric Artwork

You can create a piece of artwork featuring your friends’ favourite song lyrics. Handwrite or print the lyrics on a canvas or poster, adding artistic touches with colours, illustrations, or calligraphy and personify their living spaces.

2. Personalised Microphone Wrap

Another gift idea for singer buddies is a personalised microphone wrap. You can decorate a microphone with a custom wrap featuring their name, favourite lyrics, or a design that reflects their personality.

3. Handmade Music-Themed Jewellery

Or you can make bracelets, necklaces, or earrings with miniature musical instruments or notes as charms. Help your friends accessorise themselves with this fabulous present!

4. Personalised Music Playlist

One more to this list is a personalised music playlist. Combine your music taste with theirs and make the perfect listening treat for your friends. Remind them of your love and care for them!

5. Songwriting Journal

You can also design a journal specifically for songwriting, featuring prompts, inspirational quotes, and plenty of blank pages. Your friends can use it for jotting down their mind blowing lyrics and ideas.

Christmas Gifts for Singers

Is the Christmas season coming up and you want to do some shopping for your dearest and beloved? Well we have you covered again. Just go through the list of the Christmas gift ideas for singers we have prepared for you and be ready.

1. Studio Recording Equipment

If your friends’ are into recording music, you can consider gifting them equipment like pop filters, microphone stands, headphones, or soundproofing materials.

2. Customised Sweaters

Classic festive seasons gifts, a customised sweater is an amazing gift idea for singers and songwriters. Get these sweaters made or even better, start early and make them yourselves. These will definitely make Christmas merrier.

3. Music Themed Christmas Tree Ornaments

Are you looking for some unique and musical gifts for singers? If so, these are just the choice for you. Give your music-passionate friends some ornaments that remind them of their passion. Make the seasons more homely and cosy.

4. Concert Tickets

You can even purchase tickets to a concert or music event featuring their favourite artist or band! This will be a perfect Christmas gift for singers and music enthusiasts.

Things to Remember Before Buying Gifts for Singers

You might still be feeling stuck after all the options and categories we provided here for you. If so, we are not done yet, so keep the worries aside. 

Following are all the important key points you should be mindful of before buying the best gift for singers and songwriters.

  • Know Their Style

It is important to understand the singer’s musical preferences and style. Are they into classical, pop, rock, jazz, or another genre? This will help you choose a gift that aligns with their musical tastes.

  • Equipment Compatibility

If you’re considering any equipment like microphones or recording accessories, ensure that they are compatible with the singer’s existing setup. You don’t want to trouble your friends with some foreign equipment that they have no use for.

  • Experience Level and Skills

A pretty important point to remember, always consider their skill level and experience as a singer. A beginner might appreciate vocal training resources, while a more advanced singer might benefit from professional equipment.

  • Quality over Quantity

And lastly, opt for quality over quantity. A well-made, thoughtful gift will have a more significant impact than multiple items that aren’t as meaningful.

Wrapping Up!

These were the lists of all the glorious and fabulous gifts for singers. From practical to unique to Christmas to personalised ones, no matter what you pick, your thoughts and love will definitely be conveyed.

So choose the perfect gift for singer pals and bring that beautiful smile on their faces.

Happy Gifting!

Team BGD
Team BGD

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