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If you want to get gifts for surfer friends and are feeling stuck and lost with all the different options and choices, then you have come to the right place. Because we have the perfectly assembled list of all the best gifts for surfers.

Unique Gift Ideas for Surfers

After covering the common and festive gifts for surfers, there comes the unique ideas. Unique gifts have an eccentric and funny edge to them and are great for special occasions.

Let’s look into the list of all the unique and cool gifts for surfers.

1. Beach Bonfire Kit

Give your friends a beach bonfire kit and help them enjoy the nights at beaches as well as they enjoy the day on the seas. A pretty unique and fantastic gift idea for sure!

2. Surfing Music Playlist

You can also consider curating a playlist of your friends’ favourite surf-inspired tunes or gift them vinyl records with classic surf music.

3. Surfboard Wax Candles

If not the above options, you can also find or create candles shaped like surfboard wax bars to add a cosy and surf-inspired touch to your friends’ living space. These will be awesome gifts for surfers.

4. Handcrafted Wooden Surfboards

Or consider gifting your surfer pals a beautifully crafted wooden surfboard as a piece of functional art. Any surfer will surely cherish this as a gift.

5. Surfboard Shaping Workshops

Enrolling them in a surfboard shaping workshop is also a brilliant idea. Here they can learn to shape their own custom surfboard under the guidance of experts and can personalise their own surfboards.

6. Surfing Experience Journal

Or an experience journal where your friends can record and document all their fantastic surfing experiences. These are not only one of the different ones but also great gifts for surfers.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Surfers

Now it might be that the festive season is around the corner and you want to get your surfer friends the perfect gift. We have the best gift items noted down for just this occasion. Let’s jump right into it!

1. Home Decor

There are many choices to choose from if you plan on giving home decor to your surfer friends. Wall art and posters, wall hangings and even contemporary ocean themed rugs and carpets, are all fabulous gift ideas for surfers.

2. Personal Care

Surfing is an outdoor activity and therefore requires certain personal care. You can make sure of your friends’ health and wellbeing by giving them sunscreens and lip balms.

3. Books and Magazines

Another great Christmas gift idea for surfers is magazine subscriptions and books related to surfing and riding the waves. Give your friends a dose of surf culture and updates.

4. Christmas Tree Ornaments

A classic christmas gift for surfers, you can consider getting some surfing or ocean themed christmas tree ornaments for your friends who love the waves.

Luxury Gifts for Surfers

Now time for some luxury gift items for surfers. Down below is the perfect list that you will need for finding all the great gifts for surfers. Let’s dive right into then!

1. Luxury Beach Towels

You can purchase high-quality, oversized, and ultra-absorbent beach towels from luxury brands like Hermes or Frette. These will be comfortable to use and thus will make great gifts for surfers.

2. Surf Inspired Jewellery

Or you can consider surf-inspired jewellery, like a gold or silver surfboard pendant or a wave-shaped bracelet, from a luxury jewellery brand. These will be chic and luxurious gifts for surfers.

3. High-end Surf Accessories

You can also consider luxury surf accessories like a handcrafted wooden surfboard fin, a leather surfboard carrying handle, or a custom-made board bag. These will make great gifts for surfers and friends.

4. Designer Surf Apparel

For other luxury gifts for surfers, you can get some designer surf apparel. Gift your friends luxury surf clothing and accessories from high-end brands like Ralph Lauren’s RLX line or Off-White’s surf-inspired collections.

5. Private Surf Lesson with a Pro

Or a private lesson is one of the best gifts for surfers. You can arrange a private surf lesson with a professional surfer or coach. This will offer valuable one-on-one instruction and insights to your aspiring friends.

Common and Cool Gift Ideas for Surfers

Good job fellas! You have done all the research there is to be done for choosing the perfect gift for surfer friends. Now, following is the list of all the gift ideas for surfers and wave lovers.

Surfboard Accessories

It is a brilliant idea to get your surfer friends some surfboard accessories. There are many options to choose from. Some of them are given below.

  1. Surfboard Wax

High quality wax helps the surfers get a good grip on their boards. This is a must have item for any surfer. And therefore anyone who does surfing will appreciate this gift.

  1. Leash

Ensure that your surfer friends’ boards do not go anywhere they don’t want it to go! Give them a leash for their surfboards.

  1. Fins

Another one of the great gift ideas for surfers is specialised fins for their surfboards. You can consider your friends’ favourite form of surfing and buy fins accordingly.

Apparel and Accessories

Another one of the cool gifts for surfers are apparel and accessories. Help your friends flaunt and stay protected with the following gifts.

  1. Wetsuit

Ensure your friends’ warmth and safety and get them ready for cold climate surfing too! Give them a wetsuit as presents for the next special occasion.

  1. Rash guard

Rash guards are fantastic gift ideas for surfers. It can save your surfer friends from sun and chafing.  

  1. Sunglasses

Again a sun protection gift, sunglasses are a must on beaches. High quality sunglasses, as gifts, will definitely be appreciated by your surfing pals.


You can make your friends’ upcoming surfing trips even more exciting and thrilling. Consider the list of gifts for surfers given below and decide for yourself.

  1. Waterproof Phone Case

A waterproof phone case for ocean lovers. Hmmm that sure sounds good! Make sure that your friends don’t compromise their phones in the lieu of their passion.

  1. Fitness Tracker 

Or you can consider fitness tracker for gifts for surfers. They can keep a track on their activities and health this way.

  1. Go Pro or Action Camera

A gift that can help your surfer friends to document their adventure trips and experiences. Now that is a fantastic gift idea for surfers.

Surfing Experiences

Or can there be anything better than giving surfers some surfing experiences?  From trips to lessons to workshops, every option is better than the other.

  1. Surf Trips

You can plan a vacation to a well known surfing spot. Take your friends on the best surfing beaches and spots and enhance their experience.

  1. Surf Lessons

Surf lessons are also cool gifts for surfers. You can help your friends build their skills and become a better surfer.

What is Surfing and Why is It Cool?

Surfing is a water sport in which ‘surfers’ ride on the face of breaking waves towards the shore using specially designed boards. Surfing involves manoeuvres and tricks and balancing and showing off. 

There are so many reasons why surfing is a cool sport.

  1. Connection with Nature

Surfing is a great way to connect with nature. It allows individuals to immerse themselves in the natural environment. Surfers interact with the ocean’s elements making it a deeply connected sport.

  1. Adrenaline Rush

With all the waves underneath you, surfing can be an exhilarating experience. It makes your blood pump and releases a rush of adrenaline. Surfing is an addictive and refreshing sport.

  1. Mindfulness and Relaxation

Surfing is a present-in-the-moment kinda sport. It takes your mind off of the future worries and the past concerns. It is a great activity to practise relaxation and mindfulness.

  1. Constant Learning

Surfing encourages personal growth and achievement. It is a sport which constantly gives the surfers challenges. There is always room for growth and improvement in surfing.

  1. Artistry and Style

And lastly, surfing promotes individuality. It helps in developing personal style and approach. It is a creative and artistic water activity that challenges the brain constantly.

What are The Types of Surfing

Prior to deciding the gift ideas for surfers and ocean lovers, there comes all the different types of surfing that you need to know about. Based on your friends’ favourite ones, you can get the perfect gift!

  1. Shortboard Surfing

Short surfboards are the most common surfboards used for high performance surfing. Shortboard surfboarding is often associated with aggressive manoeuvres and requires a high skill set.

  1. Longboard Surfing

More relaxed and easier than shortboarding, longboard surfing mainly involves classic manoeuvres. It is a stylish form of surfing.

  1. Gun Surfing

Guns are another type of surfboards. These surfboards are mainly used by experienced surfers who seek to tackle big waves with control and precision.

  1. Stand-up Paddle-Boarding Surfing

This form of surfing involves both paddling and surfing. Larger and more stable boards are used, along with a paddle, for this type of surfing. AKA SUP, this form of surfing requires a unique perspective.

  1. Bodyboarding

Bodyboarding is a different type of surfing than the others. The surfers ride the waves while lying on short, flexibel surfboards.

  1. Kite Surfing

Surfers use a kite to propel themselves by harnessing the wind energy. This kind of surfing includes aerial manoeuvres and stunts.

  1. Windsurfing

Adding sailing and surfing together gives us windsurfing. Surfers use a surfboard with a sail on it that carries them on the water’s surface.

Things to Remember Before Buying The Perfect Gift for Surfers

Before brainstorming all the fabulous and charming gift ideas, you might still want to know some key factors that can affect your gifts for surfer pals.

  1. Interest and Preferences

Remember to take note of their favourite colours, brands, and styles. Surfing is also a lifestyle, so gifts that align with their personal tastes will be well-received.

  1. Type of Surfing

Different surfers enjoy different types of surfing, such as shortboarding, longboarding, big wave surfing, or even paddleboarding. Don’t forget to make sure the gift aligns with their preferred style of surfing.

  1. Skill Level and Experience

Consider the surfer’s skill level. Are they beginners, intermediate, or advanced surfers? The type of gear and accessories they need might vary based on their experience. This can change your gifts’ whole perspective.

  1. Quality and Durability

And lastly, surfing gear needs to be durable enough to withstand saltwater, sun exposure, and the physical demands of the sport. Do not forget to invest in quality products that will last.

Wrapping Up!

These were all the key points and gift ideas for surfers that you need for the task at hand. Bring that smile on your friends’ faces and make their next surf trips more exciting and fun.

Happy Shopping!

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