10 Gifts for Tesla Owners

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Tesla, the word that comes to our mind when we talk about electric cars or even cars in general. Tesla is known for their electric and auto-driving cars. The company is based in Unites states of America. The current CEO of Tesla is Elon Musk.

In this article, we will be seeing some best gifts for tesla owners. These gifts consist of many accessories that Tesla owners may need. So let us start and see some best gifts for Tesla owners.

1. Tesla Travel Mug

This is the Tesla travel mug and it is vacuum sealed. This is a great gift for Tesla owners who like to travel a lot. This mug has a double wall and is free of BPA. BPA is a chemical that causes harm to us. It has a removable infuser in case you use loose-leaf tea or fruits. The main feature of this mug is that it can keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for nearly 24 hours.

2. Headrest for Tesla

We know that driving causes neck pains. If you know someone with this problem, you can present them with a headrest suitable for Tesla cars. Apart from reducing neck pain, it can also prevent neck and head injuries in case of any accidents. So it is one of the best gifts for Tesla owners. If you feel that your headrest is very normal looking, you can customize it according to your need.

3. Caliper Covers for Tesla

The caliper cover is an important component of any braking system of any car. The caliper covers reduce the dust in the brakes and also the heat. So it is very important for a car. If you want to know more about caliper covers check out this link to another article that has all the details you need about calipers. Be sure to gift calipers that fit the car accurately so that it does not cause any problems.

4. Car Cleaning Kit

Every car owner wants to keep their car new and shiny. So to help Tesla owners with this task, there are many cleaning kits and packs specifically for Tesla cars. One of the popular brands is Tesbros. The kit includes a glass cleaner, one interior cleaner, car wash shampoo, and car wash spray with wax (waterless). This product is safe for any Tesla car and is non-toxic. It is easy to spray and wipe.

5. LED Tesla Door Lights

This a cool gift for Tesla owners. The LED light is used to project the Tesla logo whenever drivers exit their wheels. This is sure to make anyone who passes the car stop and admire it. The product is easy to fit in any model TESLA and provides a very clear and bright logo.

6. Steering Wheel Desk Tray

This is one of the best Gifts for Tesla owners who need to travel a lot. It can be used for lunch and for work also. It has enough space to fit the driver’s lunch and work comfortably. It is compatible with many Tesla models. It has a good design and also holds a good amount of weight.

7. Cup Holder

The cup holder is a very important feature in any car that is used by everyone. Tesla has a cup holder but unfortunately, it is located in the center console which is not desired by many users. So this is a very good gift for Tesla owners. It helps them to hold the drinks safely on the dashboard, and apart from that some models can also function as a phone holder.

8. Tesla Keycard Holder

The card is the key for Tesla. It enables a driver to enter and exit their vehicle. But the problem is that it can easily get damaged or get lost. To avoid these you need a keycard holder. It prevents any damage to the keycard. The keycards are very important and buying a new one can be a little costly. So if you know anyone who keeps losing things then this is the best gift for them It can also be attached to a keychain so that they don’t lose the cardholder itself.

9. Tesla Tire Repair Kit

No one likes a flat tire. So a tire repair kit is an essential piece of equipment that every car owner must have. This specific kit has many useful tools and equipment like an air compressor, air pump, screwdrivers, pliers, insertion tools, glue, and plugging cords.

10. Tesla Trash Can

The trash can contains 8 rolls of garbage bags and is an essential gift for any Tesla owner. Tesla owners want to keep their cars as clean as possible. This product has a capacity of 2.4 gallons and it is waterproof. The trashcan can be fixed in many places as needed by the owner. So this is also the best gift for Tesla owners.


There are many gifts that you can present to Tesla owners. Most of them are very useful accessories like the tire repair kit and cleaning kit. Some are just to show off like the LED light for doors. There are also simple gifts like the Tesla cups and T-shirts that you can gift to any Tesla owner. So hope you got a clear idea for a gift. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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