15+ Pokemon Gifts for Boys

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Pokemon, short for pocket monsters, is a highly popular franchise, especially among young boys. It is a set up of a fictional world with pocket monsters and trainers and all their adventures. The kids admire this world a lot. That is why pokemon gifts for kids is a great thought.

We have handpicked the best pokemon gifts for boys so that you won’t have to browse through the whole internet. You will find what you are looking for here in this list.

Why Giving Pokemon Gifts to Boys is a Good Idea

Now you might be wondering why you should even consider a pokemon gift for kids. This is an excellent question to which we have an answer!

  1. Extremely popular among kids

The first reason would be as simple as its popularity among children. Pokemon is one of the most liked animated series and is favoured greatly. A gift related to this fabulous world is something that any boy will love!

  1. Fosters creativity

Pokemon is a creative and friendly imaginative world. Knowing and connecting to this encourages a child’s imaginative skills. With its vibrant and spirited stories, it promotes children’s creativity and imaginative play. 

  1. Encourages social interaction

Pokemon is a widely recognised franchise which makes it easy for the children to connect among one another. They can bond and share their interest over all the pokemon merchandise and gifts they have. It is a great way to foster social interaction in children.

  1. Provides entertainment

Through many sources, including video games, TV shows and toys, the Pokemon series provides entertainment to the children. Gifting the boys with Pokemon gifts is a great way to make their day even better.

  1. Makes you the favourite adult!

And after all the practical and logical reasons, let’s not forget the most important one! Giving the boys pokemon gifts will make you their favourite adult and isn’t that something worth everything!

15 Best Pokemon Gifts for Boys 

Well, after all the reasons and introductions, let us not delay the point of this guide and jump right into all the pokemon gifts for boys in different age groups.

Pokemon Gifts for 4-6 Year Old Boy

Gifts for 4-6 year olds should be selected carefully. The gifts should be safe and children friendly. Keeping these things in mind, here are all the pokemon gifts for 4-6 year old boys.

1. Pokemon Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys are safe for toddlers of the age of 4-6. Pokemon stuffed toys are great gifts for boys. These stuffed toys are soft and perfect for cuddling for children! 

2. Pokemon Picture Books

Or you can give them a book with a pokemon theme. This book can contain all vibrant and lively pictures of the toddler’s favourite pokemons or trainers. This way they can always have their beloved friends with them!

3. Pokemon Bath Toys

Gift them a companion for their bath time. Giving pokemon bath toys as gifts to toddlers is another awesome idea which can be considered. These toys can make the bath time more enjoyable and fun!

4. Pokemon Clothing

Another one of the children-friendly gifts is clothing. Kids will love to wear something related to their most favourite pokemon characters. From t-shirts to pyjamas to hats there are numerous options to choose from.

5. Pokemon Character Plates and Utensils

Or if the above gift ideas are not working for you, you can consider buying some pokemon themed plates and utensils for the kids. They will love this gift surely!

Pokemon Gifts for 7-9 Year Old Boy

Boys of this age are not that young but they are still in the age category of careful gifts. Down below are some of the suitable pokemon gifts for 7-9 year old boys.

1. Pokemon Puzzle Sets

Puzzle sets are fabulous gifts for any toddler. And if these puzzles lead up to their favourite characters and franchise, then that only makes the gift more memorable and special.

2. Pokemon Colouring Book

Or you can consider buying some pokemon themed colouring books. Because there is nothing better than giving the children a chance to bring their favourite characters to life themselves.

3. Pokemon Books

Pokemon books as gifts are not just interesting but also educational. The children can learn along with their friends and you can help in this! Little stories along with pictures is a great gift idea!

4. Pokemon Bedding

There is also another way of bringing their characters closer to them. Give the boys some pokemon related beddings and decor for their rooms. Make their rooms more of their taste!

5. Pokemon Stationery

One more education related pokemon gift is stationery. You can make the kid’s learning more fun and interesting by giving them their favourite character’s pencils and erasers as gifts.

Pokemon Gifts for 10-12 Year Old Boy

Now coming into an older age category, 10-12 year old boys are old enough to take care of their toys as well as themselves. So the list of pokemon gifts for boys can change slightly for these kids.

1. Pokemon Plush Toys

Plush toys are great gifts for any kid. It provides the receivers with a best friend that can always be there for them. You can give the kids pokemon plush toys aka a friend.

2. Pokemon Bike

To encourage outdoor activities to the boys, you can give him a pokemon themed bike. It can be anything, from a pikachu to a bulbasaur and he will surely cherish it.

3. Pokemon Board Games

You can also give the kids some indoor games related to pokemon. Themed ludo or even some simple themed board game can bring that smile on their faces.

4. Pokemon Collectibles

Or if the boy you know is into collecting toys and collectibles of his favourite franchise, then you can give him some pokemon collectibles too. Help him expand his collection of his most favoured characters!

5. Pokemon Video Game

Another one of the awesome pokemon gifts for boys is a video game on pokemon. Depending on their age, you can consider giving the kids a video game for his special day!

Common Pokemon Gifts for Kids

Apart from the age categories and groups, here are some common gifts that you can give to boys who love the Pokemon franchise.

1. Pokemon Accessories

From jewellery to some room decor, these gifts fall perfectly in the list of pokemon gifts for boys! The kids will absolutely cherish pokemon accessories as their gifts!  

2. Pokemon Action Figures

Or you can think about helping them in either starting or expanding their collection of their favourite fictional world. Action figures are great gifts for pokemon lovers.

3. Pokemon Comics and Books

In addition to action figures, comics and books also fall under the same category. Any pokemon fan will appreciate some pokemon comics or books as their gifts.

4. Pokemon Cards

These cards are probably the most popular collectible among every other one. Pokemon cards are great gifts for young boys. You can consider making the kid’s day more enjoyable with these pokemon cards. 

What Should be Remembered Before Buying the Perfect Pokemon Gift for Kids

Now before buying the perfect pokemon gifts for boys, you should keep a few pointers in mind. 

  1. Age of the kid

The type of the gift you will give should depend on the receiver’s age. You cannot give pokemon action figures to a 4 year old boy. Therefore you should know the age of the child first and foremost.

  1. Quality of the gift

You don’t want the kids to be in touch with some low quality products. Be it books or toys, the quality of the products should never be compromised. 

  1. Favourites

This might be a game changer of this, but giving the toddlers a gift related to their favourite pokemon will make the gift giving and receiving a thousand times better. So you should do your study and know about his favourites beforehand.

  1. Interests

It also might be that your gift receiver loves fire types more than water types or vice versa. Or it might be that he likes trainers more than the pokemons. The gifts you get him should depend on his personal interests.

  1. No repetition

And the last thing you should make sure of is that you should never get him anything that he already has. You can consult his parents for that case and you can make your gift to him, his best one!

Wrapping Up!

In concluding the article, here are the all the perfect pokemon gifts for boys of every age group. After reading our carefully assembled list of all the pokemon gifts for kids, all that is left for you to do is shop and make your cherished ones happy.

Happy Shopping!

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