Gifts for a Police Academy Graduate

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Do you have a loved one who has just graduated from the police academy? And it might be that you wish to get them a special gift? Well, don;t you worry about a thing because we are here to help you out! We have carefully put together a list of all the gifts for a police academy graduate.

Practical Gifts for a Police Academy Graduate

Now to get on the topic, we can firstly discuss all the best practical gifts you can get for your police academy graduate friends. 

Here we have noted down the practical gifts for police academy graduates. Let’s take a look at it!

1. Home Security System

To think about your friend’s future is proud but it can be a little scary at the same time. Ensure their safety and well-being with a good quality home security system as a graduation gift.

2. Car Emergency Kit

Another great gift to make sure of your loved ones’ safety is a car emergency kit. This present is a very useful one for a police academy graduate and can save their days.

3. Smartwatch 

A smartwatch is also a fantastic gift idea for a police academy graduate. Your friends can track their movement and keep all their basic health points in check. A smart watch is a smart choice (pun intended) for a gift idea for a police academy graduate!

4. Professional Development Books

Or you can help in making your friends an even better police cadet. Give them professional development books as their graduation gifts and make their days!

5. Portable Charger

Make sure that your friend cadet never runs out of battery and is always ready for anything by giving him a portable charger. This gift can make their lives much easier and convenient.

Sentimental Gifts for a Police Academy Graduate

Now it can be that you either are looking for a practical gift for your friend cadets for their future, or it can be that you want to give them something personal and emotional. You can make this milestone more special and memorable with a sentimental gift for police academy graduation.

Below is the record of all the sentimental and emotional gifts for police academy graduates.

1. Gift Cards

One of the best gift ideas in any category, gift cards are evergreen. Not only can they be combined with any other gift but they are perfect for cute little notes. 

2. Handwritten Good Luck Letters

These are a good gift idea for a police academy graduate because they are sentimental. Letters are a great way to express how much you love and adore your friends/family. Another reason for these being fabulous present ideas is that they can be saved till a long time and can be cherished forever.

3. Relaxation Gifts

You can also consider buying some relaxation gifts for police academy graduates. Police’s job is stressful and requires a lot of hard work. To take care of your dear ones, you can give them gifts like bath oils, their favourite scented candles or anything that helps relax them.

4. Family/ Friends Photo Frame

This is also a fantastic gift idea for police academy graduates. A photo frame of your friend and you and everyone who matters to them is a fabulous gift idea. Always be with them even when you cannot!

5. Graduation Keepsake

Or you can record their graduation speech and get it framed or you can get their coronation outfit treated or many more ideas like these. Give them a gift to which they can turn to whenever they feel lost or lonely. 

Best and Unique Gifts for a Police Academy Graduate

After looking at all the practical, handy and emotional gifts for a police academy graduate, we have some more gift ideas that you love to know about. So, without any further delay, let’s get into it!

1. Customised Badge Wallet or Holder

A personalised badge wallet or holder with their name, badge number, and the police department’s emblem can be a meaningful and practical gift for your police friends. 

2. Self-defence Classes

This is one of the most unique gifts for police academy graduates. Help them advance their skills in self defence by enrolling them in classes. This is a practical as well as thoughtful gift for police academy graduation.

3. Language Learning Resources

Another one on the list that is an unusual but useful gift is language learning resources. Being a linguist can be a great skill for a police officer to have. This gift will help your friend in becoming a better police officer.

4. Gym Membership/ Fitness Classes

A yearly membership to their nearest gym or fitness classes is a fantastic gift idea for a police graduate. You can contribute to taking care of your dear ones by giving them this gift.

5. Customised Apparel

A personalised t-shirt with the police logo on it, or something related to their new profession will make another fabulous gift for police academy graduates. Casual but practical all the same!

6. Police Themed Artwork

You can commission a local artist to create a custom piece of artwork that represents their dedication to law enforcement. This could include a painting, sculpture, or custom-made poster. These will be perfect gifts for a police academy graduate.

7. Handcrafted Wooden Flag

For a more different approach, commission a wooden flag representing law enforcement. You can personalise it with their name or badge number to make it more special.

8. Law Enforcement Book Collection

You can also assemble a collection of classic and contemporary books related to law enforcement, policing tactics, or criminal justice for their professional development. This will make great gifts for a police academy graduate.

9. Star Map

For a unique gift idea, create a custom star map featuring the night sky on the date and location of your friend’s academy graduation. It’s one of the unique and sentimental gifts for a police academy graduate.

10. Personalised Leather Duty Belt

If not the above options, you can engrave their name, badge number, or a motivational message onto a high-quality leather duty belt. It’s both a practical and sentimental gift idea.

Why Buy Gifts for a Police Academy Graduate?

There are many answers to that question. And each one of them is as valid as the sky being blue. So let’s take a look at all the reasons for why you should buy a gift for a police academy graduate.


Any living being appreciates validation and acknowledgment. Police academy is not an easy accomplishment. Therefore should be celebrated properly. Buying gifts for a police graduate to show your appreciation towards them is a great idea!

An All The Best Present

The life of a police graduate can be daunting and a little scary at the beginning of their career. Erase this feeling from your loved ones by giving them the best gifts of their lifetimes. Just an All the Best for your Future gift is a fabulous thought!

As Support 

Support your friends’ careers and choices with not only your words but also with your actions. With the perfect gift for police academy graduation, show your endless support and love towards them!


Apart from these, you can also give a gift to a police academy graduate to make memories of their academy days everlasting. Graduating is a pretty important event in anyone’s life and should be as memorable as it can be.

Boosting Confidence

By expressing your love and support to your friends and family, you can boost their confidence. Take away that tiny fear from them and give them your never dying confidence that you have in them!

Things to Be Mindful of Before Buying a Gift for a Police Academy Graduate

Well, these are all the gift ideas that you need to know about for your knowns’ police academy graduation. But before picking the perfect gifts for a police academy graduate, you should remember a few key points. 

  1. Personal Interests and Preferences

Always remember what your friends like and what they don’t like. Be mindful of their interests and preferences. This will definitely up your gift giving game!

  1. Personality 

Second point you should be aware of is that you should buy them something that complements their personality. Whether they would like something useful rather than sentimental. Or whether they would prefer some relaxation gifts above anything else. Always know about the receivers’ likes!

  1. Quality 

While choosing a gift for a police academy graduate, make sure that the gifts you get for them are of the best quality. If you don’t want the beating to be done to you, then remember this as a fact!

  1. Occasion and Setting

And lastly, consider the occasion and setting in which you will be giving the gift. You don’t want the mood of a casual happy party to go up in the air with your heavy loaded gift package. See the occasion and pick the best gift accordingly.

Wrapping Up!

So, after reading our article, we hope that you found the best gifts for a police academy graduate friend or family member. If your research is done and you haveṣ in fact, decided on the gift, then better get going and get the perfect graduation present for your loved one!

Happy Gifting!

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Team BGD

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