Gifts for Someone Who Lost a Loved One

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While deciding on a gift for someone who lost a loved one, empathy and consideration is something that you should go after. Condolence gifts are very important and should be given after putting enough thoughts behind them. 

Practical Gifts for a Lost Loved One

Practical gifts for a lost loved one are underrated. People often prefer to give sentimental and emotionally supportive gifts to the ones who are going through the loss. However, practical gifts are great ideas for these times. Provide them with all the help and comfort they need with the following gift ideas.

1. Comforting Books

You can give your loved ones comforting and emotionally supportive books. These books can help them navigate their feelings and provide them with all the strength they require.

2. Pre-Cooked Meals

Grief can be overwhelming and can make it difficult to get through everyday. In these cases, pre cooked meals for the person going through the loss is a great supportive idea. 

3. Pampering Spa Days

This gift should be given after considering the time of the loss. To help your friend or family in getting started with their normal lives again, give them a spa day as a gift. This will be appreciated by them.

4. Cleanliness Services

It can be difficult to do daily household chores during mourning periods. For this reason, you can also consider giving the lost loved ones the help of a  cleanliness worker. 

Another thoughtful gift for someone who lost a loved one is some legal and financial help. When these matters are involved in such times, it is best to give the lost loved ones financial and legal aid. 

6. Art and Craft Supplies

Sometimes, some ways of art and craft can really help the lost loved ones with an emotional outlet. You can give them some art and craft supplies so that they can engage in such activities to get a break from their emotions and feelings.

Sentimental Gifts for a Lost Loved One

Although practical gifts are good gift ideas for someone who has lost loved ones for some people, some other people will appreciate a sentimental gift more in these periods. Down below is the list of all the emotional gifts you can give someone who is going through loss. 

1. Sympathy Cards

Give your friends and family handwritten letters and cards. Express your condolences to the person who has passed away and give the ones left behind your emotional support in words.

2. Memorial Jewellery 

Memorial jewellery is another meaningful gift idea for someone who has lost a loved one. You can consider gifting a piece of jewellery that can hold a small amount of ashes or have an engraving to honour their loved one.

3. Music or Playlist

This is a very thoughtful gift idea for lost loved ones. Music is a great way to express, navigate and understand emotions and feelings. Music can be a companion to the people experiencing their losses and can help them.

4. Personalised Artwork

Or you can commission a piece of artwork or a portrait that pays tribute to their loved one or captures a cherished memory. This gift can remind the people left behind of all the happy and joyful moments.

5. Memory Jar or Box

Another sentimental gift idea for someone who lost a loved one is a memory jar or a memory box. You can provide a jar to your loved ones where they can put all the memories and mementos of their lost ones.

Other Things to Present someone who Lost a Loved One

Apart from all the practical and sentimental and emotional gifts or any materialistic gifts, there are many more ways in which you can show your love and support to those in need. Other gifts to give to ones who lost loved ones are in the following list.

1. Time together

In the times of loss and sorrows, there is nothing better than time together. Some people appreciate company when they are going through difficult times. Virtual support is the best kind of gift in the times of loss.

2. Meditation or Therapy Resources

You can also consider gifting your loved ones who have lost their loved ones some meditation or therapy sources. Professional help can help them sort their emotions out far better than time can.

3. Pet Care Support

Not talked about much, pet care support can be a great help to grieving people. Animals’ emotional support is one of the best kinds of support. Pets can help their owners to get through these difficult times in a healthier way.

4. Journal or Notebook

Give your friends a gift that can help them sort through their feelings and grief in a healthy manner. A notebook or a wellness journal can help them focus on the positive aspects of life.

5. A Selection of Uplifting Movies

For a gift for someone who lost a loved one, you can assemble a collection of all the uplifting and feel good movies for. These can be anything, ranging from their favourites to just positive movies. 

6. A Soft Throw Blanket

For comfort and a sense of protection,  a soft throw blanket is a thoughtful gift idea for someone who has lost a loved one. You can add a personalised touch to the blanket by embroidering their initials or their favourite quote on it.

7. Meditation Cushion

Or for their mental health and wellness, you can give your friends a meditation cushion. Make sure they are keeping with their meditation in the most comfortable manner possible with this gift.

8. Errand Assistance

As a thoughtful gift idea, you can offer to run errands for them, such as picking up groceries, prescriptions, or other necessities. Although a silent one, this will be a highly appreciated gift at such times.

9. Hydration and Nutrition

Make sure your friends are in good health by giving them items that take care of their essential needs. For instance, a reusable water bottle and healthy pre cooked meals are great gift ideas for someone who is going through grief.

10. Memorial Plants or Trees

And lastly, another thoughtful gift you can give to someone who lost a loved one is a memorial plant or tree. Trees live a long life, and they can therefore represent all the memories of the person that has passed away for a long time.

Why Give Gifts for Someone Who Lost a Loved One?

Losing a loved one is a heartbreaking event. The grief and sorrow of losing someone can be too overwhelming to get over alone. As their friends and family, it is our duty to be with them by any way possible.

Expressing sympathy and Support

Giving a cardinal gift to someone who has lost a loved one shows your support for them. It expresses that you are going to be there with them through this difficult phase. And during the mourning period, empathy and support are the most essential things.

Honouring Memories

Giving a gift to honour the memories of the person who has passed away. Tribute gifts, memorial gifts serve as meaningful reminders of the loved ones’ impact and legacy.

Creating Moments of Joy

Giving a gift to someone who has lost a loved one can also be a reminder that no matter how hard the tough times are, there are still things and people that need to be cherished. Thoughtful gifts for a lost loved one are a great way to present your dear ones with moments of joy and happiness.

Promoting Healing

Lastly, gifts can also help the person grieving to get over these difficult times. You can give meaningful gifts to promote the healing of your loved ones. Help them overcome their sorrows and loss.

Things to Remember Before Buying the Perfect Gift for Someone Who Lost a Loved One

Now after reading about all the ways in which you can be with your loved ones during their tough times, you should consider a few things before taking action. These times are extremely sensitive and thus should be handled appropriately.

  1. Relationship and Intimacy

Consider your relationship with the grieving person. Decide your gift to them in the matters of your intimacy with them. You don’t want to come off as disrespectful or forceful or inconsiderate with the wrong gifts.

  1. Respect Boundaries

These times are sensitive for the grieving family. You should always be mindful of their boundaries. Respect their boundaries and wishes while considering a gift for them.

  1. Sensitive Items

Remember to be cautious of the loss itself. Choose the gift according to the comfort of the receivers’. Avoid giving them anything that can make them sad and sorrowful.

  1. Timing

Timing is a pretty important factor to consider while deciding for the best gift for someone who has lost a loved one. Depending on cultural norms and personal circumstances, there may be specific times when gifts are most appropriate.

Wrapping Up!

We sincerely hope that after going through our article, you found what you were looking for. Be with your loved ones in their tough and difficult times. 

Lastly, after considering all the factors and gifts, pick the best gift for the lost loved ones and provide them with your emotional strength and love.

Happy Gifting!

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