Gifts for Empty Nesters

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Empty nesting is a stage of life where parents go through a range of emotions and feelings as their children leave home to pursue their lives and careers. Gifts for empty nesters is a great way to lift their spirits and make them feel loved and appreciated. 

Empty nesting can cause loneliness and purposelessness to the parents, so a present that perfectly suits the parents’ interests and hobbies is a fantastic idea.

We have brought all the great gift ideas for empty nesters in the list we have curated for you. 

So without any further adieu, let’s get into it!

Best Gifts for Empty Nesters

Starting off with the best, the following lists of gift ideas for empty nesters will guide you to the perfect present. Let’s go through the list and choose the present for your friends.

1. Home Decor

A home decor or art is a great gift idea for empty nesters. A beautiful piece of art or decorative item can add character to their home and provide a pleasant change of scenery. 

2. Fitness Membership

You can encourage them to prioritise their health by giving them a gym membership, yoga classes, or a subscription to a meditation app. Take care of your friends’ well being by giving them a gym membership gift.

3. Hobby Supplies

Help them discover new hobbies or reignite old ones by giving them supplies for their favourite hobbies. Gifts for activities like painting, gardening, photography, or crafting are fantastic gift ideas for empty nesters.

4. Technology Gifts

Or if your friends are tech-savvy, then gadgets like tablets, e-readers, or smart home devices might enhance their daily life. Let them know that you remember their interests and care for them!

5. Home Renovation

Your empty nester friends might want to refresh their living space, so you can consider gifting them a gift card to a home improvement store or interior design consultation. 

6. Travel Experiences

You can also consider gifting your friends a weekend getaway, a vacation package, or even a travel gift card to encourage them to explore new places together. A great gift idea for empty nesters, this one can help you to make good memories together.

7. Cooking or Culinary Classes

With more time on their hands, empty nester friends might enjoy learning new cooking skills or exploring different cuisines. Let them add more to their hobbies and skills by enrolling them in cooking classes.

8. Wine or Craft Beer

A selection of quality wines or craft beers can be a delightful way for your empty nester friends to unwind and enjoy their newfound free time. Give them a creative way to spend their time with this gift. 

9. Charitable Donations

If your friends are socially conscious, you can consider making a donation to a charity or cause they care about in their name. This will be another one of thoughtful gifts for empty nesters.

Housewarming Gifts for Empty Nesters

When children leave their homes, the houses can get lonely and empty. To change this, you can consider giving your empty nester friends some housewarming gifts. Make your friends’ abode a new and better place with the following housewarming gifts for empty nesters.

1. Gourmet Food Basket

You can put together a basket of high-quality snacks, gourmet treats, and specialty foods that your friends can enjoy together. A gourmet food basket is a fabulous gift idea for empty nesters.

2. Indoor Plants

If your friends are fond of plants and gardening then a potted plant is a great gift idea. An indoor plant can add a touch of nature and life to their home. You can opt for low-maintenance varieties if they’re not avid gardeners and make their days better with these gifts for empty nesters.

3. Coffee or Tea Set

A stylish coffee maker, French press, or tea set can make their mornings or afternoon tea rituals more enjoyable. A classy and chic present, this will make a perfect gift for empty nesters.

4. Wine or Bar Accessories

If the above housewarming gift ideas for empty nesters are not for your friends, then you can consider wine glasses, a wine rack, cocktail shaker, or other bar accessories if they enjoy entertaining.

5. Home Organisation Tools

You can help your friends stay organised with items like storage baskets, closet organisers, or a label maker. Some home organisation tools are fantastic gift ideas for empty nesters.

6. Outdoor Patio Furniture

If they have outdoor space, some comfortable patio furniture can encourage them to spend more time enjoying fresh air and nature. Help them refurbish their patio space with something creative and beautiful.

Christmas Gifts for Empty Nesters

Do you wish to make your friends’ Christmas more special this year? Well, then we have just the thing for you. Go through the list given below and pick the perfect gift for empty nesters.

1. Board Games

The merriest of Christmas times is complete with board games and fun. You can encourage quality time together with your friends by engaging in board games or intricate puzzles together.

2. Music or Theatre Tickets

If they are fond of performing art, you can give them tickets to a live music concert, theatre performance, or other cultural event they’d enjoy. This will make a great empty nesters’ gift idea.

3. Holiday Gift Baskets

You can also create or purchase holiday-themed gift baskets filled with gourmet treats, snacks, and seasonal goodies. Make this Christmas season tasty and delicious with a holiday gift basket.

4. Wellness Gifts

For another one of the gifts for empty nesters, you can get wellness gifts. To remind them of their own wellbeing you can provide your friends with spa gift sets, aromatherapy diffusers, or yoga accessories to support their self care.

5. Custom Family Keepsakes

To get a more emotional and sentimental gift for empty nesters, you can create personalised gifts like photo albums, family portraits, or custom-made ornaments that celebrate their family memories.

Fun Gift Ideas for Empty Nesters

If you wish to go for a different set of presents, then here is the list of all the awesome and fun gift ideas for empty nesters. Dive into it and choose the gift that best suits your friends and family.

1. Adventure Trips

You can plan a surprise getaway or adventure travel experience that friends have always dreamed of. From bungee jumping to parasailing, pick the location and take your friends on the perfect adventure trip.

2. Tickets to Comedy Shows

For a fun gift idea for empty nesters, you can also give your friends tickets to a comedy show or improv performance for a night of laughter. Make their bellies hurt in the best way possible!

3. Escape Room Experience

Or if your friends are into mystery and escape dares, you can challenge their problem-solving skills and teamwork with a fun escape room adventure. This will be a fantastic way to spend time with friends. Get these gifts for empty nesters and make them smile.

4. Karaoke Machine

You can also encourage them to have fun and sing their hearts out with a karaoke machine. This is another great way to let your friends spend all their new found time.

5. Movie Night Sets

Another fun gift idea for empty nesters is a whole movie marathon kit. Create a movie night package with a selection of their favourite movies, popcorn, and cosy blankets.

6. Gourmet Food Tours

For another one of the fun gifts for empty nesters, you can consider gourmet tours. Treat your friends to a local food tour where they can explore new culinary experiences together.

7. DIY Craft Kits

DIY craft gifts are another one of the awesome gifts for empty nesters. Give your friends some creative DIY kits for making items like candles, pottery, or DIY home decor.

8. Dance Lessons

Enrol your friends in dance lessons, whether it’s ballroom, salsa, or swing dancing. Give them a chance to spin and twist and make them happy and merry with these fabulous gifts for empty nesters.

Things to Remember Before Buying Gifts for Empty Nesters

After all the brainstorming and reading there is just one more task that you need to pass. Below are the key points that will make your gift giving game top class. Remember to consider the following points before buying gifts for empty nesters.

  1. Personal Interests

Take into account your friends’ interests, hobbies, and passions. Consider gifts that align with their preferences, whether it’s cooking, gardening, art, travel, or other activities they enjoy.

  1. Lifestyle Changes

Recognize that they might be experiencing a shift in their lifestyle as their children have left home. Gifts that support their newfound free time and interests in this phase will be cherished and appreciated.

  1. Health and Wellness

Gifts that promote health, relaxation, and well-being can be especially appreciated. You can consider items like spa sets, fitness equipment, or wellness subscriptions.

  1. Emotional Sensitivity

Be mindful of any potential sensitivities they might have about their children leaving home. While some empty nesters embrace this change, others might have mixed feelings. Opt for gifts that acknowledge their emotions and offer positivity.

Wrapping Up!

These were all the ideas and points and gift ideas for empty nesters. Hopefully you found what you were looking for. Now grab the perfect gift for empty nester friends and bring that smile to their faces. Let them know that you appreciate them and will always be there for them.

Happy Gifting! 

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