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If you have friends who are into homesteading or are planning to do homesteading in the future, and you want to get them the gifts and presents of their lifetimes, then you have come to the right place. We are here with all the best gift ideas for homesteaders and friends.

So hang on tight and get ready for some brainstorming.


Before doing any task or project, the first thing needed to be done is the research. But do not worry because we have done all the work for you, so all you need to do is sit back and read.

Homesteading refers to a lifestyle and practice where individuals or families live a self-sufficient, often rural or semi-rural, lifestyle that emphasises self-reliance and sustainability. The primary goal of homesteading is to provide for many of one’s needs, such as food, shelter, and energy, through one’s own efforts rather than relying heavily on external sources.

A modern homesteader’s basic practices involve the following. On these practices, you can determine your gift choice for your homesteader friends.

  1. Food Preservation

Homesteaders frequently engage in canning, fermenting, drying, and other methods of preserving their harvest to ensure a year-round supply of food.

  1. Off-Grid Living

Some homesteaders strive to become less reliant on traditional utilities like electricity and water by using solar panels, wind turbines, rainwater collection systems, and composting toilets.

  1. Energy Independence

Many homesteaders aim to reduce their energy consumption and embrace renewable energy sources to power their homes and farms.

  1. DIY Skills

Homesteaders learn and practise various do-it-yourself skills, such as carpentry, sewing, knitting, and basic construction, to maintain and build their own structures and tools.

  1. Small Scale Agriculture and Gardening

Homesteaders often grow their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They may also raise livestock for meat, milk, eggs, or fibre.

  1. Simple Living

Homesteaders often embrace a simpler lifestyle, focusing on what’s essential and reducing their consumption of material goods.

Best Gifts for Homesteaders

Now is the right time to get into the gift ideas for homesteaders. Down below is the list of all the common but awesome and fantastic gift ideas for homesteaders. Let’s dive right into it then.

1. Hand Tools

Quality hand tools like shovels, hoes, pruners, and trowels can be invaluable for various homesteading tasks like gardening and maintenance. These will thus make great gifts for homesteaders.

2. Seeds and Plants

Homesteaders often have gardens, so gifting them heirloom seeds, fruit trees, or perennial plants can be a great idea. Help your friends grow their garden even more.

3. Books

Books on topics like sustainable farming, animal husbandry, permaculture, and DIY skills can provide valuable knowledge and inspiration. Homesteaders can use books for learning these tasks and skills.

4. Rainwater Collection System

Another great gift idea for homesteaders is the rainwater collection system. A rain barrel or rainwater harvesting system can help homesteaders save water and irrigate their gardens more sustainably.

5. Livestock Care Equipment

If they have animals, items like feeding troughs, waterers, or grooming tools could be appreciated. Homesteaders will love practical and thoughtful gifts such as these.

6. Workshop Tools

If they have a workshop, you can consider giving your homesteader friends tools like drills, saws, or woodworking equipment. These tools will be appreciated as gifts for homesteaders.

7. Farm Animals

If they have the space and desire, you could also consider giving them a couple of chickens, ducks, or even a small goat as a gift. They will love these little companions to be a part of their lifestyle.

8. Canning and Fermentation Supplies

Mason jars, fermentation crocks, and canning kits can help your homesteader friends preserve their harvest. Make their lives easier with these awesome gifts for homesteaders.

9. Compost Bin

Or you can help them turn their kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost for their garden with a good quality compost bin. Enhance their quality of life to a great extent with these gifts for homesteaders.

10. Well-stocked first aid kit

A very thoughtful and practical gift for a homesteader, a well-stocked first aid kit, including supplies for both human and animal care, can be a great idea. Take care of your friends through this gift.

Gifts for Aspiring Homesteaders

If your friend has not started this lifestyle yet and is preparing for it, the presents’ ideas change drastically. You will have to go through the list given below to know all about the gift ideas for future homesteaders. 

1. Workshops and Classes

For learning and experience, you can enrol your friends in local workshops or online courses that teach essential homesteading skills like gardening, food preservation, and woodworking.

2. Books

Books are another great gift idea for homesteaders. You can provide them with educational resources on topics like gardening, animal husbandry, permaculture, and sustainable living.

3. Gardening Starter Kit

As a gift idea for homesteaders you can also include basic gardening tools, gloves, and a selection of seeds to help them get started on growing their own food.

4. Homesteading Tools

For starters and encouragement, you can provide your homesteader friends with essential tools like pruners, hand trowels, and a good quality multi-tool. These tools will be cherished and appreciated as gifts for homesteaders.

5. Notebooks or Planners

Or you can help your friends organise their homesteading plans, garden layouts, and project ideas with this fabulous gift. Notebooks and planners will make great gift ideas for homesteaders.

Christmas Gifts for Homesteaders

Is the Christmas season around yet? Because we have all the great Christmas gift ideas for homesteaders. For the festivals and cheer, look at the following list and get the perfect gift for homesteaders and friends.

1. Gift Cards to Farm Supply Store

Take them on a trip to their favourite farm supply store and let them choose the tools, seeds, or supplies they need most. This will be a great practical gift for homesteaders.

2. Homemade Treats

In the respect of the Christmas spirits you can also bake some homemade goodies using ingredients from your own garden or kitchen. Make them tummies happy with your homemade treats.

3. Outdoor Clothing and Gear

Or you can consider giving your homesteader friends some sturdy work gloves, waterproof boots, or a durable apron. They are awesome gifts for homesteaders.

4. Self Knitted Sweater

For a classic Christmas gift, you can make your friend a sweater for this season. If you are into knitting or crocheting, this will be a great Christmas gift idea for homesteader friends with just the right drizzle of personal love.

DIY Gifts for Homesteaders

A modern homesteader’s life involves a lot of DIY tasks and jobs. Now for a change, you can get some DIY gifts for homesteader friends. A practical and thoughtful gift with a sprinkle of personal touch is a great gift idea. 

So let’s go into it.

1. Homemade Candles

You can consider making candles using beeswax or soy wax and essential oils for a natural and fragrant gift. Scented candles are fantastic gift ideas.

2. Homemade Jams and Preserves

Or using homegrown fruits, you can make delicious jams, jellies, or fruit preserves for your friends. Let your friends enjoy the deliciousness of your homemade jams and preserves with these gifts for homesteaders.

3. Homemade Bath Salts

Homemade bath salts are also a fantastic gift idea for homesteaders. Mix Epsom salt, essential oils, and dried flowers to create soothing bath salts for your friends.

4. Seed Bombs

You can also craft seed bombs by mixing native flower seeds, clay, and compost. These can be scattered to help pollinators. You can encourage a new hobby by giving them these gifts.

5. Knitted or Crocheted

Or for more personal gifts for homesteaders, you can make a knitted or crocheted gift. Handcraft warm scarves, mittens, or blankets are cosy and cute gifts for homesteaders.

6. Personalised Garden Journal

For other DIY gifts for homesteaders, you can also decorate a blank journal with gardening quotes, illustrations, and their name for recording homesteading activities.

7. Indoor Herb Garden

If not the above options, you can make an indoor herb garden for your homesteader friends. Plant a variety of herbs in decorative pots for an indoor garden that can thrive year-round.

Things to Remember Before Buying Gifts for Homesteaders

After the reading and brainstorming, there are still a few things that you might want to look at before buying gifts for homesteaders. The points listed below are all the key pointers that you must consider for getting the perfect gift for homesteaders. 

  1. Skill Level

Remember to consider their level of expertise. Some gifts might be more suitable for beginners, while others could be appreciated by experienced homesteaders

  1. Understanding their Homesteading Style

Homesteading can take various forms, from rural farms to urban gardens. Consider their specific setup and the activities they are engaged in.

  1. Sustainability

You must opt for gifts that align with their sustainability goals, such as reusable items, energy-efficient tools, or products with minimal environmental impact. This will add a thoughtful angle to your gift.

  1. Allergies or Sensitivities

If making homemade gifts involving scents or ingredients, ensure they won’t trigger any of your friends’ allergies or sensitivities. Make sure to consult with your friends and be double sure.

  1. Personalised Touch

Adding a personalised element, whether it’s a monogram, a hand-written note, or a custom-made item, can make the gift more special. Give your friends a gift that lets them know of your love for them.

Wrapping Up!

So these were all the essential points and gifts for homesteaders. Hopefully you found the present you were looking for. Now all you need to do is pick the gift or DIY the gift and make your friends’ day ten times better.

Happy Gifting!

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